Quran Lessons

Quran Lesson – 18 Dec 2019

Just a while ago, I finished reading a page of surah Al-Ankabut. Page 401. Allah said, whoever find protectors other from Allah, is similar to spider’s house. It is vulnerable and easy to be damage. So, we need to avoid any kind of syirik because Allah knows the protection is weak and not last forever.

This is from Surah Al-Ankabut (Spider)

One more ayat that resonates with me is.. Allah said we need to perform solat. Solat is more important than any other ibadah. It will prevent us from mungkar and other dirty things. See, just performing Solat can protect us from any bad deeds. As Uztaz Ebit Lew always said to people, ask them to perform Solat 5 times in a day. In sya Allah, it will guide us to the right path.

Perform the prayer, and the prayer will prevent us from evils.