Songs Review


By LiSA (Japan)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 out of stars. This song is veryyyy relatable. Its about helping others who have depression or anxiety. I love how LiSA delivers the song. It was so soothing. The intro starts with cheerful music and some beats.

The lyrics that I love in this song is:

daijoubu kyou wa iwasete yo
kondo wa boku ga kimi wo mamoru ban
donna mirai demo tsunaide yuku yo
sore dake wa shinpai shinaide ite yo
kono mama keshiki ga kawatte itte mo
zutto itai zutto itai kimi to

LiSA ❤️

Here’s the meaning:

Alright, let me tell you
it’s my turn to protect you
I will connect with you in the future
Don’t worry about that
Even if the scenery changes
I want always, want always, with you

LiSA ❤️

For some reasons, I felt this song is attribute to the Sword Art Online: War of Underworld Part 2. Because at this time, Asuna, Shinon, and Leafa had arrived to the underworld. So its their time to protect Kirito.

Hehe, it’s just a theory though.

By the way, I love Sword Art Online. But for this Alizication Arc, I am so dissapointed because they had some religions included in this arc. Its not suitable for me, as muslim to watch it.

And this song title also is related to Kaleidoscope. When I go through the lyrics, I saw the kanji text: Kaleidosokopuu. Then, the lyrics said our life is like the Kaleidoscope. After we spin it, it will never look the same again.

For instance, after we turn our life either become more happy or miserable, we will turn out into a new leaf and life. Okay, so live your life to the fullest!

Overall, I LOVE this song very much. Thank you LiSA. 😇

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