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Exam Time!

Currently I have an exam this two weeks. On Friday, I have Accounting Information System (AIS) exam. It went well. Alhamdulillah I can answer them right mostly. The question is easy actually. But need to read if you want to score.

By the way, all of my subject this semester had a lot of relation to each other. Like AIS and Audit 2 had a strong relationship. So, in the exam I can ‘goreng’ building the sentences while remembering the tips from two lecturers at the same time. Hehe.

On Tuesday and Wednesday i had Ethics and Audit 2 Exam. Wish me luck. These two subjects are mostly theory. So you need to read a lot. In sya Allah you will pass with flying colours.

And lastly, I had Global Entrepreneurship on Sunday at 2.00 PM. My last exam. In sya Allah I will do my best to tackle all the questions. I had to do some research in these three day gaps. I didn’t have any textbook for this subject and I am not familiar with the question.

Okay, bye for now. See you guys again in the next post!

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