Songs Review

Lights Up

Actually I just heard this song a month ago after Harry Style release his new single. Eventually I found that he also want to release a new album! I’m not his fan actually but I love his voice sometimes. Yeah, sometimes.

Lights Up is my favourite song in his new album. Other song such as Falling also my favourite. Oh, and also Treat People with Kindness. I love that!

New Album 2019 by Harry Styles: Fine Line

So, Lights Up is about something like finding who you are. Your true-self. As he stated that ‘Do you know who you are’ at the end of the chorus. I remember in the Moana Movie had also this line. When moana was so devastated after cannot find any way to save her village.

Then, her Grandma came in the form of spirit. She ask Moana, ‘Do you know who you are?’ And then Moana realizes who she is. Moana gained the spirit back to save her village on the island.

“Moana, listen. Do you know who you are?”

In life, we must know who we are. Who we are in this life. What we are supposed to do in this Dunya. Of course, to always do Ibadah just for Allah. Find who we are deeply. Back to the basic. In sya Allah, Allah will guide us to the right path. To the lights. ✨

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